The Den

Fight Centre

The Den Fight Centre is an elite Mixed Martial Arts gym. We specialise in running friendly and enjoyable classes for all of our members. The gym is run by owner and professional MMA fighter Craig Powell and a number of other top coaches.

The Den has had through its doors fighters from organisations such as the UFC, Cage Warriors and Bellator.


Craig Powell Tuesday 8pm, Thursday 8pm & Sunday 12pm (Open Mat & sparring only)

The MMA class is a mixture of stand up fighting, Wrestling, and ground work (BJJ). The coaches will pay particular attention to teaching you the fundamentals and making sure you improve in both skill and understanding of the sport at a comfortable pace.

Thai Boxing

James Dorman Monday 8pm & Wednesday 8pm

The Thai Boxing class is a stand up fighting class. You will learn new combinations and drills using padwork drills and fitness exercises to help imrove your skills for stand up fighting or to help you lose weight and tone up.

Brazilian JiuJitsu (BJJ)

Craig Powell Tuesday 6pm & 7pm., Thursday 6pm & 7pm & Sunday 11am

The BJJ class is a ground fighting class wearing a Gi (the traditional uniform). You will learn the importance of using technique over strength and size to submit an opponent. You will learn Arm Locks, Chokes, Leg Locks and much more. This session is great for self defence as well as to help you get fit.

Submission Wrestling

James Dorman Monday 7pm & Wednesday 7pm

The submission wrestling class consists of lots of ground work learnt from BJJ. Arm locks, leg locks and chokes but not wearing a Gi (the traditional uniform) like in BJJ.


James Dorman Friday 7pm

A high cardio class, working on foot work and hand speed for punching and combinations. The class uses drills for shadow boxing, padwork and heavy bag work. Great for cardio, fitness and weight loss.

Juniors Martial Arts

Craig Powell Tuesday & Thursday Junior BJJ 4pm: 4yrs-6yrs 5pm: 7yrs-12yrs Sunday 10am: Junior MMA (6yr+)

We teach Brazilian Jiujitsu and MMA to children. Our classes teach first and foremost disciplin and respect. Juniors will learn the fundamentals of the chosen martial art which in turn will give them the confidece to be able to defend themselves if they ever need to whilst getting fit and active in a fun and friendly environment.

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The Den Fight Centre incorporates a mixture of Boxing, Wrestling, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian JiuJitsu and Submission Wrestling. Our classes are suitable for experienced fighters to those who are brand new to Martial Arts.

You will learn techniques and gain instruction from expert coaches to create a well rounded and complete martial artist. The Den is not only suitable for budding fighters but is also ideal for those who want to get fitter or simply want to lose weight. Beginners are very welcome.

With a fantastic new training facility at Austin Fields, King's Lynn, Norfolk featuring a fully equiped gym it's the ideal location for you to achieve your goals in training. There are excellent transport links close to the gym and there is free all-day parking at The Gym.

All classes at The Den Fight Centre are taught by coaches of the very highest standard. Classes are often trained as a mixture in order to have a well rounded skill set for MMA but can also be trained individually for fitness or competition.

Feel free to drop by the gym to check out the classes and the facility or to inquire about joining.

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