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Whether you wish to lose weight, get fit or become the next world champion, we are the gym for you.
We really can not stress enough how welcome you will be made to feel training at The Den. We are a family.

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The Den Fight Centre is an elite Mixed Martial Arts gym. We specialise in running friendly and enjoyable classes for all of our members.
The gym is run by owner and professional MMA fighter Craig Powell and a number of other top coaches.

Head Coach & Owner

Craig Powell

Pro MMA Fighter
Assistant Head Coach

James Dorman

Pro K1 Fighter

Niall Rose

MMA Fighter

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Our FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to establish if The Den Fight Centre of King's Lynn is for you, we suggest you attend a session and join in! You will receive a free session on your first visit, this will provide you with the opportunity to try a class and get a good insight into the varied training we have to offer. You must give us a call, txt or email to book in for your free session.
It’s a good idea to bring a drink and a sweat towel. Normal training attire is fine, shorts & T-shirt, Jogging bottoms and T-shirts are all fine. We train in bare feet. In addition, if you already have items such as gloves etc. please feel free to bring them along.
Our members ALL pay via direct debit. As a members only gym we do not accept ANY cash pay as you go. We feel this helps promote regular training and stops bullys from just turning up wanting to "fight".
The Den Fight Centre has sessions to suit all. You can learn MMA and Thai boxing without training full contact. This is one of the best ways to start and ease into things. Then if you wanted to compete you can up the contact when you are ready by attending our fighters only classes. Obviously doing any martial art there is a possibility of injury the same as there is a risk just walking down the street. Being a member at The Den you are looked after and will not be thrown to the lions. Our experienced members are always happy to help and talk you through moves.
The Den have created a really simple payment procedure so you don’t have to worry about having cash on you for each session. All membership payments are collected via direct debit. Simply come down to the gym and we can go through the different memberships with you, to find out which one suits your needs.
We have a club uniform you will be required to wear IF you choose to participate in the grading system. A full basic uniform includes a Den Fight Centre T-Shirt and MMA Shorts. As students progress there are a number of pieces of equipment that they will require. A mouth guard, 16oz boxing gloves, MMA Gloves, and shin and instep leg pads. These items can be purchased from our online shop. We hope this is helpful. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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